Siha MBT Sandals Women Shoes Black

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Siha MBT Sandals Women Shoes Black makes the leg muscles get more exercise, so that the lines become more shapely legs and beautiful, mbt siha sandals  is so healthy shoes, it is specially designed and reduces the risk of joint sprain. The mbt health shoes is different from the traditional shoes. The style is a traditional shoe designed to keep the foot stable so the muscles are more relaxed than that.


However, after you buy a pair of nice MBT shoes At our online, it is very important how to maintain. Here are some simple maintenance methods, hope they can help you.

1. Please keep two pairs of shoes and replace regularly to achieve the purpose of extended life.
2. If you want to protect your Siha MBT Sandals Women Shoes Black, before you wear it, you must besmear protects shoeshine and spray on waterproof fog.
3. Clean these MBT shoes by hands with a sponge and diluted soapy water up to 30 degrees. Let them dry well, sidewise at room temperature. Attention! Do not wash in the washing machine.
4. Allow to dry at room temperature (never close to direct heat) before you use the MBT shoes again.
5. Avoid contact with aggressive liquids (acids, disinfectants), salts, grease, fertiliser, protein or blood and other aggressive substances.
6. Do not cause mechanical damage to the Masai Sensor with sharp objects.
7. If the MBT shoes are soaked by rain, you must immediately use dry cloth to sneakers surface rainwater blot, then please lay dry cloth or paper inside the shoes in order to avoid shoes internal wet and deformation.
8. Siha MBT Sandals Women Shoes Black maintenance is especially important. You had better use the two brushes. The big is used outside, and another one is used overall details. By the way, if it is stuck down like chewing gum, you must use hard brush to scrub.

Model: Swala Sandals_0052

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